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The BackStoppers Inc.

10411 Clayton Rd Suite A5 (Le Chateau Village)
St. Louis,  MO 63131

Phone: 314.692.0200/Toll Free: 866.539.0521

The BackStoppers Inc.

The BackStoppers' assistance is immediate and ongoing. Within hours of the death of a police officer, firefighter, publicly-funded paramedic or EMT, his or her family receives a check for $5,000 from The BackStoppers with assurance of further help.

Within a few weeks, The BackStoppers' representatives meet with the surviving spouse to identify the family's other financial obligations. The organization's goal is to make the family debt-free, and then to provide ongoing support for education and other extraordinary expenses.

* Assumption of financial obligations (i.e., mortgage payments, automobile payments, credit card debt, loan debt, taxes, insurance, etc.) as funding permits
* Health and dental insurance, if needed
* Elementary and secondary educational assistance grades K–12
* College/vocational tuition assistance to spouse/survivors
* Holiday gift to family
* Miscellaneous assistance as approved by Board of Directors (i.e., home repairs, unusual medical expenses, etc.)
* Financial counseling
These benefits are not all-inclusive.

Coverage Area:
Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop C Counties Served:
Cape Girardeau
St. Charles
St. Francois
St. Louis City
St. Louis County
Ste. Genevieve
Illinois State Police District 11 Counties Served:
St. Clair

Managed with Care:
A 30-member board of directors administers the organization and approves financial support awards. Each year, six directors are selected to fill three-year terms, and board officers are elected annually. An executive director oversees day-to-day operations.

Official Facebook page of The BackStoppers, Inc. 501(c)3 providing needed financial assistance to the families of fallen first responders.

The BackStoppers provides needed financial assistance and support to the spouses and children of all police officers, firefighters, publicly-funded paramedics and EMTs and volunteer fire protection units in our coverage area who have lost their lives performing their duty.

The BackStoppers continues to support the surviving spouse unless or until he or she remarries, and supports the surviving children until they reach age 21 or complete their post-secondary education. Deaths from natural causes, illnesses or injuries are outside the organization’s scope.

The BackStoppers Social Media Guidelines

Factual Information: If something posted seems factually questionable, it may be deleted to avoid any negative repercussions.

Copyright & Fair Use Laws: Make sure you have the right to use material before publish

The BackStoppers recognizes the tremendous sacrifices that public servants make every day when they go to work. We understand the burdens placed on surviving spouses and children when tragedies occur. We believe our community has an obligation to care for

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Founded: 1959

Categories: Charity Organization, Non-Profit Organization

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